Tag: web design

  • Moot Forums

    Moot looks like a very cool and integrated forum and commenting system that seems to add all the neat social features you’de expect.

  • ImageOptim

    I guarantee my jpgs, gifs and pngs are smaller than yours. That’s because of ImageOptim. This utility is a mandatory step when I create websites. It runs, at the time of this writing, 9 separate image optimization tools on your images to reduce their sizes. Best of all it is totally lossless, only removes pieces of information you don’t use, and…

  • Emmet

    Emmet bills itself the essential toolkit for web-developers by speeding up HTML and CSS tasks. Looks cool, may fire it up in Espresso. Update: After using Emmet for a few days, I can honestly say it is incredibly powerful! Seriously speeds up web coding. Definitely needed to refer to the Cheat Sheet.

  • UC Browser

    UC Browser bills itself as “The Fastest Free Mobile Browser”, but personally I have never heard of it until today and am a little wary… however, with 400 Million users, there may be a time when I might have to test on it.

  • Amazing Web UI Designer

    While I have been a fan of UK based web designer Orman Clarke, I have recently become similarly impressed by the work of NYC based Vladimir Kudinov.