Server Woes

So I’ve been a pretty happy Dreamhost customer for some time, but recently my service has been a little rocky. Outages, restarts, and general sluggishness have made my site, and all the sites I host professionally almost unusable. So today I upgraded to a Dreamhost VPS server and somewhere along the line… all my WordPress images got deleted.


Not sure what happened, but as you can guess – I’m not very happy right now. I will try to rebuild them, but I don’t know if I ever will have the time to rebuild all of the images contained in my posts.

Hopefully Dreamhost support can locate the missing files, otherwise I’ve lost 10 years of images.

Insert unhappy face here.

UPDATE! (2013-05-15 15:06)

Dreamhost has restored my images folder! Very happy. Now to back that crap up!!!

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