A Month of Working Out

Last month I tried something called Sober February to see how it made me feel to cut out alcohol and meat. At the end of the shortest month, I admitted that it really didn’t make me feel any better health-wise. Sure, I felt a bit lighter, but it didn’t make a huge impact on my well-being. I still had aches and pains. Still felt gross sometimes.

This is normal right?

It was then I said, “I think I might make April the day I go to the gym every day and see how that affects my health.”

April is here, and I have decided to make it The Month of Gym. Every day I will exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, but I plan to work out more than that most days. During this time, I’m going to be measuring my weight and see if I feel better with some old-fashioned physical labor. I’ll keep an updated page with all my stats and how I’m doing with it — if you want pictures of my guns, that’ll cost extra!

I’m hoping that after the month, it will become a habit, and I will continue to go to the gym after my challenge.

Any words of encouragement would most defiantly be appreciated.


7 responses to “A Month of Working Out”

  1. When I turned 30 this past October I decided it was time for me to get in shape as well. What will be most difficult is going consistently. You definitely have the right plan to publicly pledge to go every day. That should help.

    What I ended up doing was paying for a personal trainer. Sure, it cost more, but in the end it was the fear of wasting that money and wasting his time that got me to the gym consistently. So, if it starts to get hard, maybe consider a little outside assistance (read guilt pressure).

    1. I've definitely thought about the personal trainer route and did get into shape when I had one (many years ago).

      What I'm doing instead of a trainer is treating myself to awesome presents every week as a reward. All of them are presents to make me feel better about being in shape. Last Week I bought new pants that fit my new waistline. This week I'm treating myself to clothing from http://cxxvi.net/

      It may not motivate me on the treadmill, but is a hell of a lot more fun.

  2. Will you go back to eating meat and drinking during this month?

    1. Yeah, I've gone back to eating meat and having occasional drinks, but a lot less of it thanks to February. Meat makes me feel gross sometimes, although a good burger can tip the scales. It's like a black hole of deliciousness.

  3. You can do it! There will deinately be a change for you in April. Be prepared for some really sore muscles. What I think of when I experience sore uscles is this slogan "Pain is weakness leaving the body".
    I second the question about the meat, will you go back? I would give that one more month. I'm a flexitarian, not rigid but go both ways. However less and less meat is so good for a variey of reasons. If you haven't, see the movie Food Inc.

    1. Oh god yes I've seen Food Inc (made me feel sick!), although it didn't surprise me as much as other people. I assumed the food industry was horrible. When I found out they were i was like "figured as much" then shook my hand at the screen.

      I guess I would call myself a solid omnivore… or a Omnivortarian. I eat everything, but am much more aware of the junk I put in my body and keeping my go-to's mostly vegicentric. No more late night snaking on horrible foods.

      I really like the concept of "Pain is weakness leaving the body". I normally think pain is me being completely out of shape. I will make it my new workout mantra. I will use it today, Thanks Lisa!

  4. FB – you rule.Do you ever swim? I love swimming. I can zone out and don't have to feel myself sweat. Keep it up!