Renewed Writing

Sleepwalk With MeI’ve recently been reading Mike Birbiglia‘s Sleepwalk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories and really been enjoying it. There have been some full on laugh-out-loud moments and I normally don’t laugh-out-loud while reading — I hate those people. But now I’m one of those people and I have been thinking, I should write more! Why don’t I write more? I have funny stories too?

And so, I have been writing again. It’s taking a lot longer than expected and also longer than it takes to read Mike’s stories, which seems like a ridiculous thing to measure against, but I do. I think oh this is funny, I can do this too! And I start dictating in my mind, which is a terrible habit because my mind never writes anything I tell it down. And then I’m like PERFECT send it to press and my mind goes, sorry I wasn’t writing ANY of that down. I don’t even have hands, what were you expecting? Also ‘send it to press’? Where are we Citizen Kane, the 40s?

I should really fire my mind and get a real assistant. Keep an eye out for some ridiculously embarrassing stories soon.

Update: You should also check out my new bestie Kimmy Gatewood’s blog My Boyfriend Tolerates Me — very funny and has also been inspiring me to write more.