Resistance 3 Trailer


Aww man this new Resistance 3 trailer looks pretty intense. I really hope they add a bit more story to Resistance. After finishing Resistance 2 (PS3) I was fairly unimpressed with the piddle they called a story. Fun game, but by the end, I was bored of the missions because I had no stake in them.

It was a run and gun shooter pretending it had some underlying alien experimentation/militarism story. But when it came down to it, I had absolutely no attachment to the lead character… what was his name? No idea and that is the problem. I couldn’t care less. This trailer seems to hint a bit more character based story. Maybe even a co-op story playing mode. All of which I would totally welcome.

Insomniac need to take a page from Irrational games and give some ideology to the Resistance franchise other than killing running aliens. Fingers crossed.