Site Upgrades and News

Hello indie kids, Funtime Ben here to recap some of the shenanigans of the past month in entry form. Not only end the writer’s block I’ve been having, but also to assure you things are moving.

This month has brought a significant code upgrade to TUTT. I have completely revised the site to be slimmer, faster, and more flexible for the future. The site is now based off the theme called Sandbox, which allows us to be far more flexible in how content is displayed… although it might take a little time to get the site totally upgraded and pimped out. The change will also effect our rss feeds. This shouldn’t effect 95% of you, but you 5%, don’t worry I am doing my best to make sure the transition is painless.

This month also marked the worst problems we have ever seen with our hosting. Dreamhost, our very capable and lovely hosts, had crazy outages for a few days where TUTT was completely unavailable. Luckily, they have assured us the worst is over. Knock on wood.

September also marks the birth of another, stretching himself too thin, Funtime Ben project, which may interest 3 of you out there. It’s a website devoted to improvisational comedy called Improvoker. I started it as a place to store websites I found interesting about improv, but it’s turned into a bit more. It’s taken the majority of my attention for the last month, but I have now gotten it running and can now focus back to you lovely people. But please check it out and see what you think.

Lastly, September saw the first time Sister Amy was on TUTT. She enjoyed it so much that she wants to come back on again, so we’ll try to fix that up real soon.

We’ll try to get an update from Josiah, but I’m sure he’s real busy shooting films right now.

Alright, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Talk to you soon.


2 responses to “Site Upgrades and News”

  1. Ben…. you ever think about putting together a TUTT compilation?

  2. Ben …. where are the links or the names of the tree bands previous to the bad cover of Head Over Heels in TUTT # 46

    # Sorry, these links are completely screwed up, but I got to run… I’l fix em promise!

    you promise to fix them …. by the way your show it's great and congrats to Amy