Is This Thing On?

Just Josiah here, my lovely and adoring fans! Yes indeed! Ben has graciously granted me access to this fun-filled website. Soon my takeover will be complete. I kid. I kid. Riding shotgun with Benito behind the wheel is A-OK with me. Plus he has to do all the work and I get to drink all the beer.


Just wanted the world to know that we are planning to do a new show. Ben’s computer crashed and he lost most of his files and what-have-yous this past week so we were unable to record. He tells me we should be up-and-running sometime this week. Keep your fingers crossed and we should be able to have a new one out soon.

Much love.


3 responses to “Is This Thing On?”

  1. Thank god. It’d be a shame to miss out on your faux-homo-eroticism. Which is the best part of the show. That and the music I guess.

  2. Kiwi Andy Avatar
    Kiwi Andy

    Hallelujah, as one of the three straight white males I can rejoice that a show is being created just for me.

    More 'cowboy ninja' stories please!

  3. It's on my friend, now write something else… because I love you.