Off To the West Coast

Heading off to California on Sunday on business. I need a long vacation and will be trying to cram some rest and relaxation in along the way.


Been growing out my hair for a while in the attempt of trying something new, but I am really starting to hate this intermediate stage of hair growth. However, I needed a bio photograph for an article I’m writing. The result is a shot of me with one of the dopiest hairstyles I have ever had, aside from the bowl haircut my mother inflicted upon me as a child. Strangely I am drawn to this photograph because it is so unpolished.


5 responses to “Off To the West Coast”

  1. ben,

    have fun…let us know when you are back in the big city.

    oh, you totally look like a German rock star.


  2. Looks kewl bro. Who are you writing the article for. I have been absent from the podcasting world for a bit, but I should be back in full swing now!.

  3. Like how hot we have it for ya? Unless of course you're up in Northern California.

  4. I've washed my ears every day since your last podcast, madeout with a bunch of foriegn women (and a few men just to be safe), and have thrown away all my paint can openers in hopes of purging my impure thoughts. I'm ready to take on another podcast. I expect one when you return.

    And I want my haircut back!

  5. Thats the way your bio pics are supposed to look. They are not to be the best picture of you ever.

    At least thats what I read in "Killer Bios for People in the Public Eye" an article in this weeks Magazine for the Bored and Knowledgeble.