TUTT: Josiah’s Big Vacation Pt.2

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand We’re back.

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Ha ha! You thought you might be able to log onto the site and leave an angry comment about how part two was taking so mother loving long to be posted? Well, ha ha!

(Of course you’d have to say it like the Speedracer to get the full effect of the Ha Ha’s)

Played on the Show

  1. More Soup by Moka Only
  2. New American Apathy by Mazarin
  3. Air by The Owls
  4. Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups
  5. Right About Now by Talib Kweli
  6. Galaxies by Laura Veirs
  7. Hold On by Magnet
  8. Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge

I’ll link em up after I get some sleep.


9 responses to “TUTT: Josiah’s Big Vacation Pt.2”

  1. good times, good tunes. sorry, Josiah, gotta side w/ Ben on The Office BBC vs. NBC debate – Ricky Gervais has a kung-fu grip on irony that is unrivalled in the history of comedy. but sorry, Ben, i gotta side w/ Josiah re Laura Veirs. she's kinda horse-faced, & looks like she owns several sweaters from the Whole Foods hemp collection. but hey, whatever floats your boat, buddy.

  2. Funtime-Ben's m Avatar
    Funtime-Ben's m

    …the good times are killing me.

    Hey freaks, I'm one of your "4 listeners" and keep my eye on iTunes every morning before work just in case you guys do another episode. Keep it the-frick up.

    But, main reason for posting…love it, love it when you post the mp3 links. Hate it, hate it when you don't. Be a team player and add the links.

    Also, ever think about adding a "donate" button?

    peace, nijers, keep up the fantastic work.

  3. I luvin' the rap!

  4. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Hmmmm. Similar endings on part 1 & 2, no? We finish each with a "best song ever." Two best songs. Loopy. But fun.

  5. Austin! Avatar

    hey guys,

    just wanted to let you guys know i love ure show, although some of the rap is a little gay sometimes, ure indy stuff makes up for it. keep the show rockin.


  6. The Owls Avatar
    The Owls

    there, there is only hair, where, i used to nair, i used to pare, my pubes down there, it once was bare, now there is only hair

  7. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    Fuzzy Wuzzy? I thought you were a bear. Not an owl.

  8. Amy is a dork. She reads weblogs while her cohorts drink themselves silly.

  9. amy then inja Avatar
    amy then inja

    Can we relive this moment…."I just want to wrap her up in a blanket and feed her soup"


    more soup mofo