TUTT-WHYME: North by North East at WHYME

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Yayy it’s the next installment with our podcast friends Seth and Jessica at WHYME.

We tried to get over to SxSW but ended up slightly short… but that didn’t stop us from having lots of indie fun.

Played on the Show

  1. MidlakeBalloon Maker
  2. Loney, DearThe City, The Airport
  3. BelaireDa Da Da
  4. Awesome Cool DudesRainbow Cattle Company
  5. Jules ShearDo What They Want

Mentioned In the Cast

  • South by Southwest Band Page
  • South and West
  • This is our celebration of SXSW with no chips
  • Guests Get Annoying After 8 hours
  • State of the Indie Union Address
  • Shouts to other podcasters like Radio Clash
    Thanks again for Seth and Jess for having me and cutting this show up.


6 responses to “TUTT-WHYME: North by North East at WHYME”

  1. good to see you are free to visit seth and jessie more often because everyone loves this winning combo

  2. denise in b-town IN Avatar
    denise in b-town IN

    can we get an ironic mustache update, please?

  3. Ben said it wasn't gonna happen. Well Ben? Is it? Or isn't it?
    Man that gives me a great idea for the next combo show photo!

  4. God, you guys are always on. I put down the podcast pipe for a while, but I picked it back up the other day. Good stuff! Always looking forward to new Tracks.


  5. Follow up comment… I have a radio show on my college radio station, tonight, and listening to your show was probably a bad idea. Here's to hoping none of my listeners like podcasts!

    It's not stealing, I'm just going to appropriate all the songs you played on your show for the radio-listening masses. They deserve them.

  6. Just Josiah, the Swo Avatar
    Just Josiah, the Swo

    Yeah. Nice show, Fecker!