New York City Transit Strike – Day 2

11:22 PM

Back home after one hell of a commute. Although all went smoothly, I’ve decided to see how I fare biking all the way in tomorrow. On of my friends John biked from our neighborhood all the way to midtown in an hour! It took me 2 hours and I had a ride part way…

I’m really hoping that this thing will be called off by morning, but I really don’t think the union is going to be making any concessions anytime soon. I just really hope that by next Monday all this is sorted out and everybody is back to work… although if the transit workers aren’t happy with the deal, I’m afraid of the commuting consequences.

Okay, I have to get ready for tomorrow’s bike ride in… we’ll se how it goes… Good night all.

5:09 PM

“We will go to binding arbitration only over the dead bodies of our leadership,” -Roger Toussaint

That can be arranged Mr. Toussaint!

4:08 PM

Just saw a homeless man outside the Duane Reade Pharmacy on 14th and Union Square West, listening to a CD player with noise canceling headphones… Does everyone make more than me?!

11:59 AM

You know what’s worse than commuting in the cold wearing long johns, your parts tucked into your socks, and a dorky sparkly red bike helmet?

Getting seen by your ex-girlfriend and her coworker, in a blue Acura, on the way to work in given outfit.

9:48 AM

Getting was easy, but the bike over was soooo cold! I’m going to hit up the sports store at lunch and buy some new warmer gloves and insulated socks!

Transit strike must have items!

6:30 AM

Still a strike, still it sucks, still dark out and still it’s 25 degrees out. Brrrrrrr!

My house is freezing this time of the morning!


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  1. 4:08! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! well spotted