TUTT: Thanksgiving Day Special

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Happy Thanksgiving! Yes it’s once again that time of year when you get drunk and say things you really wish you hadddent.

  1. Junkyard by Page France on Hello, Dear Wind (2005)
  2. Cordial Invitation by Giant Drag on Hearts & Unicorns (2005)
  3. Higher by Soft on Soft EP
  4. Inaction by We Are Scientists on With Love & Squalor (2006)
  5. Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives by Voxtrot
  6. Magic In The Air by The Fast Computers on SP
  7. White Confection by The King of France on The King of France
  8. Here we are by SamSam


10 responses to “TUTT: Thanksgiving Day Special”

  1. I would personally like to add that Cooking with Gas

    is really the only way to cook! Seriously, it is! It is GREAT!

  2. Just Josiah Avatar
    Just Josiah

    happy (belated) bday, benny ol' boy! hope you're having some rum or pina coladas or whatever they drink there…and it makes you pee gold. good show guys. cooking with gas is very important. way to spread the message.

  3. Today I used the expression and started to sing the song.

    “cooking with gas, cooking with gas…”

    and yes it was by the pool.

  4. JEAN-FRANÃ&Da Avatar

    to the tune of (Oh Mandy!) by the Spinto band

    A man demanded some fossil fuel

    and Amanda felt like giving him some

    The man salivated just at the thought of cooking

    Mandy said I wish I could help you start that fire!

    The guy still clueless walked away without looking

    As our Mandy disrobed and lay there alone looking awesome!

    Our dude went shopping for propane at a seven-eleven

    While our heroine fell asleep then awoke by the heat of a pyre

    the barbeque had blown up and smoked up our friend

    Amanda emitted words so profane as to bar her from entering Heaven

    And alas she admitted she had fallen for a foo-ool!

  5. oh please post “cooking with gas” somewhere
    I would love to possess that wonderful song

  6. YES! This show was ace! Ben and Diane rock together, of course love Josiah too, but maybe the 3 of them should do the show together MORE often from now on. Diane is VERY funny and with BEN, a GREAT show! Great music too, nearly forgot.

  7. Great show! I think Diane has really hit her stride and it makes for crispity podcast goodness. Have a great time in the DR!

  8. Diane is straight up new york hottie!
    I agree, more Diane!
    The people are demanding it!

  9. ah darn! you are quick to play good music. i guess i'll have to play another song of 'the king of france'.. anyway, hi funtime diane! this is vanessa, nice to me you! hehehe

    "cooking with gas, cooking with gas.."

  10. No way! Your podcast rules! Thanks so much – can't wait to hear!

    We're gonna be playing a show soon in December and there's a guestlist spot

    with your name on it (if you want)…