TUTT: The Return of the Human Tangent

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Josiah returns from his busy schedule to grace us, fair listener, with some of the most meaningless banter ever recorded. It’s a one hour double shot show to make up for all that time Josiah’s been away featuring some of the finest music available online. I think You’ll agree, it’s well worth the wait.
I apologize for the mix, but Josiah is impossible to eq! Please complain to him to get on the mic or buy his own mic please!
Played on Today’s Show
# The Language You Are Using Now by Don’s Mobile Barbers />

  1. Dark Don’t Hide It by Magnolia Electric Co. (slow)
  2. You Broke My Heart by lavender Diamond (female slow)
  3. Black Cab by Jens Lekman via Panda’s Hideout />
  4. slim mcshady by Go Home Productions />
  5. Lift Me Up by Saturday Looks Good to Me />
  6. Warpaint by Kyle Dawkins (instrumental)
  7. We Should Drop Like Flies by Alec Ounsworth from CYHSY!
    Mentioned on Todays Show
    * Balls!


7 responses to “TUTT: The Return of the Human Tangent”

  1. The Best Music Podcast has returned with a vengance.
    You might not have won the Poddy but we all know the truth.

    I also noticed they didn’t have a Worst Music Podcast category.
    Which I am sure we might have won.

    I mean, our show was created as the antithesis of your show.
    You being the best music podcast and us humbly submitting
    to defeat since our creation.

    Much love…

  2. As far as the Best Music Podcast, I’m afraid that I’m very glad I didn’t win. Nothing breeds complacency like being told you’re the best. Unfortunately the Poddies were only a show of listenership, not quality. While I’m sure many of the podcasts that won were deserving, I would venture had the voting system for the poddies made sense, like one vote per person, we might have seen realistic show of quality. Unfortunately popularity contests mean nothing and as we have already seen with multiple podcasting organizations voting systems just don’t work.

    Your podcast, however, is anything but the antithesis of our show. While we may play different music, in essence our shows follow the simple rule of be honest to your listeners and they will appreciate it.

    What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t trade my listeners for a larger audience no matter what.

  3. Winning is for losers. Losing if for winners. Isn't that what Indie is all about….you know i don't know what the hell i'm talking about. Great show ben always great when you two get in the studio. Keep it up man..well worth the wait!

  4. hey there ben and josiah!

    great show, sounds like you guys are having a hell of a time doing the show. well thanks for the mention. _panda panda panda, get down get down get down._ hahaha..

    have a great day!! later

  5. Doood. Feck the Podies. :)

    I wanted to send you this linky-do:

    It's actually supposed to be about the little peeping frog noise, but I think the crickets are great, and the clip is long enough that you could edit it pretty easily. It's also public domain (you can let Bernie know). All of the stuff at http://www.fws.gov/video/sound.htm is public domain, FYI.

    And… as much as I love you guys…

    Please don't sing again :)

  6. hello – an excellent show, filled with fine songs, and agreeable conversation.

    You guys have some serial social grace, which, as you know, is the one absolutely unavoidable prerequisite to "being cool."

    Thanks very much for mentioning ye olde vox monitor on su cast de pod. Those of us affiliated with said enterprise appreciate your decision to do so. It has inspired me to write "endorsed by celebrities!" somewhere on our site.



  7. Jonathan Bell Avatar
    Jonathan Bell

    always looking forward to the next podcast and real pleased when it's posted!