Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport

Southstreet Seaport that is!

Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport

-Today,- August 10th, “Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah”: will have a *free* show on the docks of “Southstreet Seaport”: with the excellent band “Devotchka”: for all those in the local NY area.

_Did I mention it’s free?_

Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport


8 responses to “Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport”

  1. Free is good.

    700 miles is not :(

  2. Neil… (and Ben):

    The day you're arriving, Sep 23, a band called Palaxy tracks will be playing at a venue called Sin-e. It's not free, but is definitely worth checking out. Their website is at

  3. Ben I’ll be in NYC (staying in Brooklyn) for the first time from Sep. 23-Oct. 1. Know any good free concerts during that time? Also, any suggestions of restaurants or stuff I need to see/do while I’m there?

  4. Thanks Andy, I have the Jeff Buckley Live at Sin-e album. Depending on the price, I'll try to check it out.

  5. i bet that show was grand. awesome show!

  6. This show rocked!!! I am so in looooooove with the that keyboardist…I can't wait to hear about it when you see them again! Slip him my number will you?

  7. Yes, it was a rocking time and I feel as if we made indie friends with all the indie kids.

  8. this was a great show. and although CLYHSY were terrific, i was really impressed with one of the opening acts named The Way It Is from Seattle. a nice mix of dancy electronics, acoustic guitar and poppy, melodic vocals. really, really catchy stuff. i picked up his CD too and was not dissapointed in the least. watch out for the Way It Is.