Continued Radio Silence with Benefits

Unfortunately, my friends, my temporary hiatus in podcasting will continue for a little longer as I have been dragged away from my regular podcasting duties by a website re-design. The good news is that is leu of a new podcast I have made all my older podcasts available for download once again… except for one… Episode 3! It seems that when iTunes took over my podcast downloading duties it erased all my older podcasts… -including the only copy I had of episode 3.-

-If anybody still has that classic episode in their collection please send me an e-mail and I will make it available for everybody to listen to… if not I’m afraid we shall all live without it.-

“You can find all of the episodes here.”:

Thank you so much for understanding. I can’t wait to get in front of the mic again, but for now I ask you hold tight for just a few more days.

Next show will happen later this week.

p(update). We have found a copy of Episode 3! Yahoo! So please help yourself to my entire back catalog while it’s still available… who knows how long it will last.


4 responses to “Continued Radio Silence with Benefits”

  1. That's awesome, thanks for that. I was wondering just the other day what your first couple sounded like, having discovered this back when #4 was just put out, and just when you had decided to disable the downloading of 1-3.

    However, there seems to be something wrong with the file for #2 (TUTT-2004-10-11.mp3). The file is only 796KB, which only lasts for a couple of minutes.

    Otherwise though, awesome show. Keep it up.

  2. Yeah Episode 2 was partially uploaded, I will re-upload the episode sorry about that.

    Thanks for pointing that out Simon!

  3. Memphis Ben Avatar
    Memphis Ben

    Best Tidings, FB!

    Hey, while you're remaking you're website…I know you're a Mac guy, but I thought I would let you know…

    I use IE6, and the bottom of your page has a table cell (1st text: Some Rights Reserved…) that's always about 30 pixels too far to the left. I don't know if you're anal enough to care about this.

    But I thought I would let you know anyway.



  4. Memphis Ben Avatar
    Memphis Ben

    By the way,

    I hope your new site incarnation still includes an OCD-like attentiveness to the ‘enjoying’ column. I have gleaned much happiness from said column, and will probably never again gain the street cred with my friends that I gained from the ‘Apache’ video link.

    Another by the way…a good example of the service you provide is the puckin’ good tong I discovered: Don’s Mobile Barbers – Euros and Dollars. Never would have found that without finding the band 1st on TUTT.

    Memphis Ben