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I would like to know more about these pins. Do they have special features? Are they flavored? Do they instill the wearers with super powers? These are the questions that america wants answered. Don't blame me, i'm just the questioner.

JAKC to answer your questions:

# Yes
# Yes
# Yes, see above.

Buttons are being readied by my diligent staff and should be in the mail next week. So if you want some magic buttons, send me your measurements.

(oh and an address would be helpful)

Now I can't stop thinking about "trimming your button in fur." Whoopsy. I must be feeling a little randy today xox D

Pepper is home, currently making the pins. You might get a piece of fur stuck on it somewhere. She hasn’t quite got the hang of the laminating machine.

i love the pin! sign me up for one — (despite the fact that i am not a new yorker, it's still my favourite city in the world) how do i get one?

keep those podcasts coming -they brighten up the week to no end. :)

Hey there crew, I am making the buttons as we speak and hope to have them out by next week. I will be sending out a confirmation e-mail to make sure I have everybody's mailing addresses and such and hopefully will have these little kick ass buttons in your hands in no time.

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