TUTT: Thigh Food Coma

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Josiah is back and we eat thai food, get poisoned and record a show high on Pad Thai! It’s East meets west in this all out cultural slug fest. (hey that rhymed)

h4. Played on today’s show

# Dignity & Shame
Call To Love
“Crooked Fingers”:http://www.crookedfingers.com/
Dignity And Shame
# Woman King
Woman King
“Iron & Wine”:http://www.ironandwine.com/
Woman King
# Tree City
Spanish Teeth
“Robbers on High Street”:http://www.robbersonhighstreet.com/
Tree City
# Husk
Husk (live)
“Liz Durrett”:http://www.lizdurrett.com/
# Funeral
No Cars Go (Cover)

h4. In the Cast

* Father Ted (available to rent on “Netflix”:http://www.netflix.com/MovieDisplay?movieid=60030365&trkid=73 or to buy on “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com:80/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005A1SY/upthetree-20?creative=327641&camp=14573&link_code=as1)
* Josiah’s new job
* Thigh Food
* Hung and hanged, the lynchers vocabulary
* Diane’s itchy scratchies turns to Mr. T
* New Robbers on High Street get bad rating in “Pitchfork”:http://pitchforkmedia.com/ (Catbirdseat makes a “revision”:http://www.catbirdseat.org/catbirdseat/archives/000370.shtml)
* Television Free but in love with “Netflix”:http://www.netflix.com/
* Background music by the “Vinyl Podcast”:http://vinylpodcast.com/ and “ModPod Radio”:http://modpodradio.libsyn.com/



15 responses to “TUTT: Thigh Food Coma”

  1. My Fave *3b.* "Used to express exasperation or disgust: _I'll be hanged! Hang it all!_"

  2. Magess Avatar

    The url on podcastalley for you doesn't work.

    When I click the link on your front page, I have to wait until it resolves to this address:

    and that address the aggregator will take. I don't know if it's just me and Primetime Podcast, but I thought you should know.

  3. Thanks Primetime, the redirect should be pretty instant, but I created the redirect because I changed from MovableType to WordPress and instead of asking my audience to switch their RSS feeds I opted for redirecting them to the new feed.

    I will change the link on my website homepage, once I am sure that it all works effectively. Thanks for the heads-up PT!

  4. Good show. Loved the Robbers on High Street track!

    Also, I put up a post for this show at http://podcrawl.blogspot.com/.

  5. you guys crack me up. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. do you know spoon? cos robbers on high street seriously sound exactly like them! good show fellas!

  7. _Do we know Spoon?…_ Psalm, you're talking to Funtime Ben here! You might like the show when I played some Spoon it's the "Deck Your Halls with Boughs of Indie" :https://www.upthetree.com/2004/12/20/tutt-deck-your-halls-with-boughs-of-indie/ show. Yeah, Spoon is still my favorite, but rockin' tunes are still rockin' tunes. Hey Psalm can we play a little Love Tank on the next show?

  8. The new Robbers on High Street is awesome. I loved it, and am loving it.

    Later bro

  9. i still like it a lot though, and jon and i like all this new music we are discovering from the show..of course you can play lovetank yo!

  10. Josiah,

    You are definitely the funny lad in all of Podland!

    I was laughing my pants off at the end of the show.

  11. OH! Okay, I see how this goes! Be a slacker, never show up for shows, and blabber on about nothing and everyone loves you! Fine. If that's the way it's going to be… WHAT AM I CHICKEN LIVER?!

    (Oh, make sure you have your sarcasm filter installed)

  12. yo yo yo yo yo YO! a fine show to be sure to be sure, rockin' the accents y'all. etc

    god, im tired out from all my STREETSPEAK. One request, just one, tiny small petite, minature request.

    more shows.


    [My Silver Mount Zion]

  13. Second to psalm's post.. loved the Robbers on High St track but I think it's primarily because I love Britt Daniel. Oh, and I love Britt Daniel.