Snowing Tree

!(photo) Tree looking upon the Gates)!

p(update). Plans to record a show on Sunday fell through, but I am planning to record a relaxing solo show this evening with some of the most laid-back tunes I scrounged around the internets. Nice warm cup of tea and some good friends.


4 responses to “Snowing Tree”

  1. Just wanted to leave an inspirational pat on the back; it's so much more meaningful coming from a stranger who digs your show…much more meaningful than say, financial success, right?

    Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to more…

  2. Ben,

    You are the freaking man! But I do have one complaint.

    I am ding to hear another one of your original tunes

    constructed in Live!, but alas nothing! nothing! NOTHING!

    why god? why do you torture a such a talented artist?

    let the musician inside you sing again!

    # tell diane we totally love her, especially moji and jessica

    # these pictures of the day are awesome

    # josiah is one of the funniest people in podcasting, possibly the funniest, cause i can't think of anyone funnier!

  3. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Lovin' all of you too! What a fun visit we had! Thanks so much for the sweet card. See you soon, gang. I got me a hunkering for a hometown Philly Steak sandwich. Lots of love, Diane

  4. jon sebastian Avatar
    jon sebastian

    all i can say is: THANK GOD THERE WAS A NEW SHOW TODAY!! this show has some great music on it too. i work 12 hr nite shifts at my job, and all the while listen to my ipod. the other nite i had an ALL-NITE TUTT MARATHON!! I LISTENED TO 9 SHOWS BACK TO BACK SOME MORE THAN ONCE, YES!!! i also tried out a few other podcasts, which BLEW ASS!!! I WOULD RATHER LISTEN TO FUNTIME BEN FART ON AN OIL CAN FOR HALF AN HOUR THAN THOSE UNNAMED PODCASTS!!! and by the way, some people say there is too much talking? BULLSHIT!! THAT IS THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW!!! please make more podcasts, and thanks for making the show!!!