TUTT: Chillin’ with the Indie Rock Kids

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Home alone, listening to some relaxed tunes and drinking some *PG Tips* tea for a boost. It’s a quick show with some great independent music, scrounged from hiding places around the internet.

Neon Golden

One with the Freaks (from the Neon Golden page *l12_but not)
“Neon Golden”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=upthetree-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%253fASIN=B00008BL4F%2526location=/o/ASIN/B00008BL4F%25253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82 by “Notwist”:http://www.notwist.com


“The Engine Driver”:http://www.killrockstars.com/
“Picaresque”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=upthetree-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%253fASIN=B0007M22S4%2526location=/o/ASIN/B0007M22S4%25253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82 by “The Decemberists”:http://www.killrockstars.com/bands/decemberists/

!http://www.buhananrecords.com/graph/bh009.gif(The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers)!

“Concerning Lessons Learned from the Aliens”:http://www.buhananrecords.com/
“Self Titled”:http://www.buhananrecords.com/catalog-paypal.html#bh009 by “The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers”:http://www.buhananrecords.com/

Blocked Numbers

“No Room for Change”:http://suicidesqueeze.net/mp3/
“Blocked Numbers”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=upthetree-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%253fASIN=B0007NMJM2%2526location=/o/ASIN/B0007NMJM2%25253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82 by “Crystal Skulls”:http://suicidesqueeze.net/

* “Catbird Seat”:http://www.catbirdseat.org/catbirdseat/ for the freshest indie
* Send your band’s music to tracks at Upthetree.com!
* Here’s more info on “AMP”:http://www.musicpodcasting.org/

Wake Up Captain

“Wake Up Captain”:http://www.catbirdseat.org/catbirdseat/plist.html
Home Demons Volume 1 by “Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror”:http://www.parasol.com/artists/kevintihista.asp
His newest Album is “Wake Up Captain”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=upthetree-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%253fASIN=B0002JEOUG%2526location=/o/ASIN/B0002JEOUG%25253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82


15 responses to “TUTT: Chillin’ with the Indie Rock Kids”

  1. hurrah you played crystal skulls, I've been trying to get Josiah to listen to/play them for the longest time. I like this new album art thing too.

  2. Yo. I love the Crystal Skulls. Got'em on my iPod already. And Ben and I had them on a previous show that we accidentally erased. (Probably the Best Show Ever). But alas, Psalm, Ben and I would maybe not be fans of the Crystal Skulls had it not been for your tip. So…you rock.

    and Benny…good show. Love the music man. I'm heading to Florida until March 22nd. Looks like you'll be doing the show solo til then *tear*… also sucks the Philly show didn't work out. Gimme a call my man! Rock on and cheers!

  3. What Philly Show? Silly bastard! When you get back, lets record a show. The *BEST SHOW EVER!* you and I… maybe even some Love Tank! Oh and we need a history of JS for the listeners at home.

    Oh and I have to remember to tell you about the Skin condition I picked up from Diane. Yehaw!

    All on the Next TUTT!

  4. Hey Ben,

    Heard your podcast today.

    Are you using a word press plugin that automatically adds the linked files to your podcast feed?

    I am also using word press, and I don't have the same problem.

    I can link to as many files as I want in my word press, and it will only include the file that I specify in the enclosure key at the bottom of the post writting screen. I actually have to use one of the advanced functions to get my file to be included in the feed. Hope this helps.


    P.S. – love your show.

  5. jon sebastian Avatar
    jon sebastian

    all i can say is: THANK GOD THERE WAS A NEW SHOW TODAY!! this show has some great music on it too. i work 12 hr nite shifts at my job, and all the while listen to my ipod. the other nite i had an ALL-NITE TUTT MARATHON!! I LISTENED TO 9 SHOWS BACK TO BACK SOME MORE THAN ONCE, YES!!! i also tried out a few other podcasts, which BLEW ASS!!! I WOULD RATHER LISTEN TO FUNTIME BEN FART ON AN OIL CAN FOR HALF AN HOUR THAN THOSE UNNAMED PODCASTS!!! and by the way, some people say there is too much talking? BULLSHIT!! THAT IS THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW!!! please make more podcasts, and thanks for making the show!!!

  6. I thought you went to Philly to do a show with Seth? Okey Dokey. Am I gonna get a skin condition? Eek. Oh and instead of having a NEW job I have NO job. So, yeah. Jobless Josie. ALL ON THE NEXT PODCAST! STAY TUNED PEEPS!

  7. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Jos, all I can say is: buy some Lysol and douse yourself. It might just be contagious. Fun Times!

  8. Today was a shitty day here in Wilmington, North Carolina. Windy as hell, cold as hell, rainy as hell, just hellish…except not "fire and brimstony" hell, more just "gray, wet and shitty" hell.

    Anyway, I was walking from class back to my dorm room, ears throughly plugged by the iPod earbuds, moisture consuming every article of clothing….

    ….when the new episode of "Tracks Up the Tree" debuted on my iPod shuffle….

    ….and life was good again. Thank you, Ben.

  9. That is what it's all about Mr. Devin. You make it all worthwhile – great to hear folks who dig the show. Man I love this job!

  10. Oh, and Mitch I'm just using the standard version of WordPress. I ain't using none of them fancy shmancy plug-ins. It does it with certain files and once it includes the blasted thing I can't remove it from my embed thinga-roo. Other than that small issue, WordPress is like pure JOY!

  11. Ok, so its like 6:36 Am and i haven't been to sleep yet. And the latest tutt has been automatically ultratransferred to my computer, and its on the record player, and its helping me get through this utter mess of work i have to do. So thankye, you truly have made a merry christmas. Also, stop playing bands i want to play ;)


  12. Thanks for doing this podcast. Great music and pleasant mildly amusing banter, what more could I ask for? I had to drive and drive and drive the other day for work and this cast made the miles fly by. You guys rock.

    _Oh yeah, and keep the grammar talk coming. A gaggle of nooses is an image to savor._

  13. Mildly amusing?! What the… ;)

    Oh and Rob, feel free to play any music I play. I would sure ass hell play music you play. It's not about who plays it first, but rather how awesome your hairdo is… and mine is pretty shabby right now.

  14. Hi, my first listening podcast is yours! Thanks for this!

    I expect your next podcast – ;)

  15. Jeremy Hartley Avatar
    Jeremy Hartley

    Enjoyed todays show, especially the Notwist song. Working out their website was a bit too much for me at 9am though……