Jerry Lewis Disease


bq. *Ree:* Have you seen Jerry Lewis recently? He looks bad.
*FB:* No, but the last time I saw him he was really fat.
*Ree:* Maybe he has some sort of disease or something?
*FB:* Yeah, the Fatty-Fat Pants disease.

From then on, whenever we would talk about people being fat, or ourselves feeling fat we referred to it as _the Jerry Lewis Disease._

Currently I am suffering from a mild case of _the Jerry Lewis Disease…_ I think it’s time to hit the gym more than once in a blue moon as my current work out routine has been. So I guess now I have to set up a target goal or something? How about I agree to loose an Olsen Twin’s worth of weight? That can’t be more than 20 pounds, right?



8 responses to “Jerry Lewis Disease”

  1. As soon as I saw the pic, before I read anything, I actually said aloud to myself, "Ohh, Fatty Fat Pants Disease". Umm, and the similarity between those two photos is downright frightful. Yet, somehow it makes me happy.

  2. As a fellow sufferer of mild Jerry Lewis Disease, I would like to thank you for bringing this malady to the forefront of the public eye. It's time that the people truly attended to this issue. Where are the Congressional Hearings regarding Jerry Lewis Fatty Fat Pants Disease (JLFFPD). Millions are suffering from this epidemic in silence.

    Power to the people, my brother!

  3. Unrelated to JLD or either Olsen…

    I think we’ve crossed internet paths before (I used to be over at, but I don’t think I realized that you went to Purchase? I was checking up on/attempting to stalk Bill Deere, and was led to your (closed comments) Angry Face entry.

    What years were you there? I graduated in 1998. Bill was a big, big influence on me…and I often felt in the minority in my admiration of the man.

    I wonder if he’s read the Cheese Monkeys, but I guess that’s an obvious question. Heh.

  4. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Remember when Pepper had a mild bout of JLFFPD?

  5. I think I have Hyper-JLFFPD. Or is it Hypo? Anyways…I eat like crazy and still weigh 12 pounds. You know we H-JLFFPDs are silently suffering as well!

    And Anna…Bill Deer is tha Bomb! Love that guy! Ben does too. We should have him on the show, Benny. That would be weird.

    And Pepper is a fuckhead.

  6. Bobbie Avatar

    It might interest you people to know that Mr. Lewis has been very ill with pulmonary fibrosis and took steroids for this condition for a long time. He almost died. This resulted in his bloated appearance and weight gain. He has been slowly taken off the steroids, is looking a little better, has lost some of the weight, but still has trouble with shortness of breath. So, I hope all of you lovely, compassionate folks do not really have “Jerry Lewis Disease.” Mr. Lewis will be eighty years old March 16, 2006. Have a little respect, please, and have a nice life.

  7. Steve Librinsky Avatar
    Steve Librinsky

    Yeah, I know he has that fibrosis thing, but he shouldn't have taken steroids, they do permanent damage. In addition, he should have limited his caloric intake to less than 10-million calories a day!

    He also had a pain meds machine implanted near his spine somewhere, to deal with some pain he had.

    He can afford the best medicine money can buy, yet he chose to become a huge beachball.

    Poor people suffer in pain. Who cares about Jerry Lewis!

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