I damn thee Weblog

Do I have a weblog? The last time I checked I did, but then again that was a long time ago. Back in the _olden timey_ days of 2004.

Hello weblog how have you been?

I guess it’s all the podcasts I have been busy recording, but my website is absurdly slow recently whenever I update the site. Its been so bad that I am thinking of using a new piece of software to run my weblog all together.

-Movable type just isn’t cutting it anymore.- So I moved to “WordPress”:http://wordpress.org/

I want to be able to post without my entire server coming to a complete and very unsatisfying halt.

Oh, and last night my lovely girlfriend expressed to me, in no uncertain terms, that she thought that my podcast and podcasting in general was a bunch of crap. So I guess I have to try a lot harder, in the year of the rooster, to make my show better. Who knew!?

*Ah well, that’s what pushes us farther I guess.*

In other new Josiah has been knocked unconscious and now has amnesia… hopefully he will regain his senses and record a flipping podcast with me! COME ON DUDE!


7 responses to “I damn thee Weblog”

  1. Awww, Benny! You know I love thee! How about tonight? I'll come over after work and we'll do THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

  2. Maybe if you played more Journey and Chicago she'd like it more.

  3. Quite the finicky gal you have over there, BenBen, yeah?

  4. You and the rest of the "jerk squad" actually make the time pass when I'm pretending to be an engineer 5 days a week. Maybe you need a mix. haha

  5. You should switch to WordPress like all the other dissatisfied MT users. It's quite nice.

  6. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    I totally love Journey and Chicago. How did you know, Arnold? I count Journey as one of my top 15 fav bands. They might even be in the top 10. These days I cry when I hear "Be Good To Yourself" You're walkin' the highwire….caught in the crossfire….oooo oooh be good to yourself…

    Back in my pre-teen days I bawled during "Send Her My Love." Roses never fade….

  7. Still reading ;)

    Switch to WordPress – it's a little bit geekier with all the php templates, but there's a huge community and it has all the standard features + some extras.