I damn thee Weblog

Do I have a weblog? The last time I checked I did, but then again that was a long time ago. Back in the _olden timey_ days of 2004.

Hello weblog how have you been?

I guess it’s all the podcasts I have been busy recording, but my website is absurdly slow recently whenever I update the site. Its been so bad that I am thinking of using a new piece of software to run my weblog all together.

-Movable type just isn’t cutting it anymore.- So I moved to “WordPress”:

I want to be able to post without my entire server coming to a complete and very unsatisfying halt.

Oh, and last night my lovely girlfriend expressed to me, in no uncertain terms, that she thought that my podcast and podcasting in general was a bunch of crap. So I guess I have to try a lot harder, in the year of the rooster, to make my show better. Who knew!?

*Ah well, that’s what pushes us farther I guess.*

In other new Josiah has been knocked unconscious and now has amnesia… hopefully he will regain his senses and record a flipping podcast with me! COME ON DUDE!

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Awww, Benny! You know I love thee! How about tonight? I'll come over after work and we'll do THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

I totally love Journey and Chicago. How did you know, Arnold? I count Journey as one of my top 15 fav bands. They might even be in the top 10. These days I cry when I hear "Be Good To Yourself" You're walkin' the highwire….caught in the crossfire….oooo oooh be good to yourself…

Back in my pre-teen days I bawled during "Send Her My Love." Roses never fade….

Still reading ;)

Switch to WordPress – it's a little bit geekier with all the php templates, but there's a huge community and it has all the standard features + some extras.

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