Tracks Up the Tree

Get thee to PodcastAlley has this little podcast rated as number 7 or something ridiculous! Fricking 7?! Now I ain’t one for these type for stroke fests, but come on people! Now I ain’t declaring no war against my Podcast brothers above me, shit I’m already in the top 10 music podcasts, but I didn’t get this far by being pretty.

So far the line up looks as follows

# Rock and Roll Geek Show (As expected)
# Insomnia Radio (Mad Props)
# East Detroit Radio (Who? I’m going to take a listen)
# Coverville (Alright good show)
# (Who the fudge?)
# Whole Wheat Radio Rants Channel (Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have linked to this awesome dude, now he is taking my spot!)
# Tracks Up The Tree (weep)

So, be good boys and girls send me some love with your vote. Pronto my pets! Ronda Shear commands it!

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