Hey there crew! Sorry I didn’t post a Tracks Up the Tree this weekend, but I have been furiously getting some of my music together and spent this weekend away visiting friends. Don’t you fret I will be back with a vengeance come midweek, but if you are looking for a few shows to pass the time may I suggest.

* “The Theory of Everything”:http://www.toeradio.org/ with Benjamin Walker “RSS”:http://www.toeradio.org/index.xml
* “Whole Wheat Radio”:http://www.wholewheatradio.org/ with Jim Bob “RSS”:http://www.wholewheatradio.org/audio/wwr_podcast.xml

I also went to see Sufjan Stevens over in Southpaw and was completely blown away by the performance. I’ll be playing a few tracks by Sufjan as well as some tracks by his opening bands.


One response to “My Apologies”

  1. Well, thanks for the mention of Whole Wheat Radio! "Tracks Up The Tree" … I haven't listened yet but would like to, especially since we have a saying around here for the crazies like me that live "Up The Tracks" (north of town on close to the railroad tracks) in the Alaskan wilderness. Be seein' ya…