Tracks Up the Tree

My Apologies

Hey there crew! Sorry I didn’t post a Tracks Up the Tree this weekend, but I have been furiously getting some of my music together and spent this weekend away visiting friends. Don’t you fret I will be back with a vengeance come midweek, but if you are looking for a few shows to pass the time may I suggest.

* “The Theory of Everything”: with Benjamin Walker “RSS”:
* “Whole Wheat Radio”: with Jim Bob “RSS”:

I also went to see Sufjan Stevens over in Southpaw and was completely blown away by the performance. I’ll be playing a few tracks by Sufjan as well as some tracks by his opening bands.

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Well, thanks for the mention of Whole Wheat Radio! "Tracks Up The Tree" … I haven't listened yet but would like to, especially since we have a saying around here for the crazies like me that live "Up The Tracks" (north of town on close to the railroad tracks) in the Alaskan wilderness. Be seein' ya…

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