Weekend Home

It’s important to nest. To occasionally do nothing in order to to grasp one’s position in one’s life. To catch up on all the little things that you have overlooked because of the furious pace of your furious pace. It’s the thin line between burn out and underachiever that has been keeping me going the last few months. Spending my time slacking off and then, realizing approaching deadlines, burning the candle at both ends to get the work done. This is my problem.

I cannot seem to reach an equilibrium at work or at play. I see my friends every other month and spend the rest of my time secretly hiding from everybody, because it all seems like too much. Endless clutter of life’s obligations that I have been embracing or avoiding. Is this what it feels like to become a hermit? The “Spruce Goose,”:http://www.boeing.com/news/feature/sprucegoose/ Howard Hues’s airplane which eventually drove him mad, is beginning to make sense to me.

It’s time to stay at home. Pepper, Diane, and I have a date together where we play Peppers favorite game, _family on the bed._


One response to “Weekend Home”

  1. YOu mean it's not just me??? This happens to other people? Thats so refreshing to hear.. I dont think it is the road to becoming a hermit, I think it's just cyclical human behavior. Do you know ONE person who is in balance and completely put together? I dont…