The Unfortunate Truth

Summer Flowers

The Summer. The Business. The Side Projects. The Driver’s License. The Art Funk. The Heat. The Beach. The Boroughs. The Target in Brooklyn. The President. The Books I want to read. The Free Concerts in Prospect Park. The Music. The Watercolors. The Cat.

These are the parts of my personality. There is a happy mixture somewhere, but at the moment I have been feeling more driven to my design work than anything else. This is why I am announcing that while I am not going to stop writing, the subject of my writings will change.

Clients now read my site.

I cannot be as frank as I would like to without changing my format. Much like a radio station, the occasional re-branding might help bring focus to me and my content.

So, from today on, I am retreating back into the parts of my life that I have neglected to discover where and what I want to put on this website and what parts of my life I feel comfortable in revealing to you all. Thank you for your continued support and friendship, I hope to be back in full effect here soon.

This doesn’t mean I wont be posting, but rather it means that I may be exploring what my content might be.


One response to “The Unfortunate Truth”

  1. Ahhhh…. you've reached that milestone where personal acquaintences are reading your stuff. Used to be, I could post rants about friends and relatives with impunity. Now I cringe a little when a conversation starts "I saw what you wrote about… ". It's fun in that more people are reading. It sucks in that you can't say whatever you want.

    Or cannnnnnnn you? :) Depends on the price you're willing to pay I suppose.