Butterflies in the Tummy

Tonight’s the night. I’m going to open mic night and facing my worst fear… SUCKING! Sure I’ve played before, but that was to friends and Diane, other people are different. They can be vicious! Have you ever seen _Showtime At The Apollo?_ They got midgets to drag you off stage!?

I guess I have to face my fears if I want to go forward with this musical career, but it is scaring the piss out of me. I haven’t practiced (or don’t feel it was enough), my guitar playing is all shaky, and I’ve never played my electric guitar live.

It’s all so nerve racking. Luckily I will record my first performance on tape and put it online tomorrow for you all to throw tomatoes at your computer monitors. I guess what I am saying, in the most round-about way I can, is…


wish me luck?

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Awwh had I known about this just a couple days sooner I would have come to clap and catcall in the audience for support!!!! :) Gotta get workin on a mass mailer for your fans! Hope it went better than expected!

Even Axl Rose had a first gig. And you are way more rock 'n roll than Axl.

P.S. I'll be waiting outside in the limo.



It went really well. I got a lot of compliments from the other musicians and feel, finally, at home in my musical skin. I was really frightened of making the jump, but the jump was no where as big as I had made it out to be.

Thanks for all the support and interest, I feel really blessed to have such supportive people in my life… and most of you I have never met. Thanks again.

However, I will have to give a full report a bit later as I have to get ready for a powerpoint presentation in Philly tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm doing.

*I hate thee bulleted lists, I hate thee!*

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