Updates Up The Tree

Although Up The Tree has been _on again off again_ recently, let me assure you all I am still in full effect over here. I am just so busy that getting a message out is a little difficult at the moment, but I hope to post more regularly soon. My focus on this website was initially to post my thoughts about life, but it seems as of late a little too _article-y_ for my tastes. I hope to bring back the more personal posts to the site and slow down the diatribes.

So, how have you kids been? I feel like we haven’t talked in a long, long while. Up in the tree Diane and I are busy trying to enjoy the sun and spending much needed _nesting time_ together. Yesterday we went over to Brighton Beach and hung out with the Russians, who I must say dress very… provocatively. Men and women alike all dressing like flouncey lounge singers. AND THE BOOBS! Jesus, I mean what do russians eat to develop huge boobs? If you’ve never been to Brighton, it’s an amazing area predominantly Russian and Middle Eastern.

Musically, I am readying for my official first gig, which will be over at an open mic night in Brooklyn (please e-mail me if you’d like to know where and when). I have a new guitar that I am in love which is making playing much easier. The poetry I have been writing recently has also affected my lyric writing, which I hope will add new life to my compositions.

Work… Well, not really great right now, but I’m keeping positive and hoping for a vacation soon. There is just so much work that needs to get done and not enough time to accomplish it all.

But my personal projects are flourishing and keeping me interested in my profession. I even have new project which should be launching shortly, which I will give you good folks a preview before anyone else! Can you feel the excitement?

*Sorry, got carried away there.*

Enough about me, how are you.

_Ben Up The Tree_