Cutting Boards

Recently, Diane and I have been in a heated debate about cutting boards. I believe that wood are best to cut meat. She believes that plastic is best. Who’s right? We’ve consulted Risa one of our [many] nutritionist friends and she responded that plastic were best. Why?

The fact is after a quick “Google search”: I found a slew of articles which both deny and confirm my assessment. But as I weeded my way through the fray I found, more than not, -wood the champion- both are equally good/bad from _reputable_ sources. _Although they caution that all surfaces be washed with hot soapy water after use._

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And I am not crazy…


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  1. I vote for plastic as well. Wood is too porous for me and frankly I get a bit grossed out. I usually also keep a small plastic spray bottle of bleach water – very diluted- for disinfecting. Of course, I am only slightly obsessive compulsive. Gotta go wash my hands now…..

  2. I, too, have this argument with my wife on a regular basis. She believes that pastic is the only safe cutting surface. So much so, in fact, that she uses our measly plastic cutting boards on the edge of the sink, in a very precarious fashion, rather than use the gorgeous butcher block cutting board we got as a wedding gift. She doesn’t understand that when I rub the cutting board down with lemon and salt, that it cleans every possible bacteria from the surface of the board. I prefer wood, though I have heard reasonable (read: family) resourses say that mood is more accepting of potentially harmful bacteria. IN the meantime, I tend to cut meat on plastic and everything else on luscious, forgiving wood. I find that the greatest factor in cutting enjoyment actually comes through using my delightful global knives that we got as a wedding gift. I think I can honestly say that more pleasure is derived from the cutting implement than the cutting surface. In the meantime, check out the knives that will make your life better:

  3. so are you getting wood? I purchased a wooden cutting board a couple months ago. go classic. i mean, its not like its killing anyone. seriously. as long as you scrub that dang thing. everyone will live, and you will have a classic kitchen.

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  5. By the way, here's another good resource…….

  6. WOOD CUTTING BOARDS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GO. i persoanlly am sick of all this "bacteria speak" that we have today. my grandparents and my parents used wood and that's good enough for me. just wash it off when you're done using it – with soap and water and voila! clean. i think all the bacteria mumbo is just the corps. trying to get you to be afraid of more things so that you'll buy more products. NO i say. wood shall prevail. and i refuse to buy clorox handi wipes too.