Bad Stretch


It’s hard to begin to know where to begin.

Diane’s mother was rushed to the Hospital last week, complaining about discomfort in her chest. The doctors decided that if it were some sort of an infection, that they should treat it immediately with antibiotics, for fear it might cause complications with her emphysema. Fearing that the antibiotics would fatigue her system they then prescribed steroids to help her body cope with the antibiotics. Since she was now strung out on medications which elevated Diane’s mother’s discomfort, the doctors then prescribed Librium to calm her down.

*A cocktail of prescriptions later*

The doctors still have no idea what’s wrong, or if there is anything wrong, but that hasn’t stopped them from handing out drugs like confetti at the _macy’s day parade._

*Cut to*

Our very good friend Lorraine falls off a stool and shatters her leg and requires serous surgery. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know how exactly one would shatter a leg falling off a stool, but she did.

_So, promise me you’ll all wear seat belts and look both ways before crossing the street._


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  1. reeree Avatar

    Riding my bike 26.2 miles this weekend for the LA Marathon. Helmet will be tightly fastened.
    Fran is in my thoughts.