Sunny Saturday

It’s Saturday and I’m over at the Brooklyn Library getting some books for the Thanksgiving week (Because there’s only so much of my parents I can take). How great is the Library? I mean, free books!? Free music!? Wait until the RIAA get a load of what these guys have been up to for years. They have been distributing music to people for years and nobody has tried to stop them…

What if you could rent music, like you rent DVDs? Take them out for a period of time, listen to them and then return them when you’re done. That’s brilliant. It wouldn’t violate copyright or anything. I’ve got to trademark/register that idea with the patent office stat!

Have a great weekend.


One response to “Sunny Saturday”

  1. How come the second D in DVD is bigger?

    Perhaps it thinks it's better than the other D and the V. Maybe it's somesign of dominance… like it's the alpha D of the word.

    I dunno. Just thought I'd point it out.