Ex-smoker Logic

When I used to smoke, not that long ago, I used to day dream about all the cool things I would do with the new found money I would have if I quit smoking. The logic went a little something like-a-this:

* 1 pack of cigs = $7.00
* 5 packs a week = $35.00
* 20 packs a month = $140.00
* savings for the year = $1,000,000

So, my question to the panel is, where’s the flipping money? I ain’t no richer. Maybe it’s my math.


2 responses to “Ex-smoker Logic”

  1. Dude, where do you buy 7.00 cigarettes?

  2. I have recently been enjoying Camel Lights for $3.34 a pack. It's so cheap, almost like I can't afford NOT to smoke.
    Maybe not…..