52 Pickup

The good news is, the crap I was dealing with last week has been resolved… well most of it has been resolved. Some things just have a staying power that weekends can’t cleanse.

The bad news is that new things have replaced the old and the grind has been reborn with all new spikey edges.

The spectacle of my life is beginning to wear on me.

Something’s got to give.

Although I have said it 53 million times before, I have decided to play my music for real. I have the new guitar, I have the new songs, I have the look… now all I need is the courage. Mr. cowardly Lion.

When I start making noises, I’ll record a few new ones for you guys… untill then, “enjoy an old one from 1997.”:https://www.upthetree.com/media/iwould.m4a It’s from when I was a baby.