the 9 to 5… 6

I am slaving away at the job recently, dealing with an apparent torrent of work that has been coming in.

My good pal on the west coast is loosing her apartment.

Elliott Smith dies.

I get a new computer, which doesn’t know me at all.

We come in 10 grand over budget on a project and quickly have to tap-dance some new figures.

I have to fly out to upstate New York on Thursday.

I need a suit and tie for the big meeting.

I have a killer hemorrhoid from a sculpt class I took at my gym with a nazi instructor. (breath when doing exercises people)

I feel like I’m getting fat.

It’s supposed to rain tonight.


4 responses to “the 9 to 5… 6”

  1. We'll have to take special care of Huggy 'Roid.

  2. Life isn't all that bad…..I still love you – I'm gonna leave huggy 'roid in Di's hands though

  3. Poor thing, sounds like you're falling apart.

  4. Thanks for the kind words all. I'm having a rough stint.