Strokes Free New Tune

The Strokes have released a free new song on their website from their upcoming second album *Room on Fire.* It is an interesting departure from their last stuff with a cars inflected keyboard riff.

“Grab it while it’s hot!”:


3 responses to “Strokes Free New Tune”

  1. I would like the vocals to be a bit louder…I couldn't really hear him well enough to catch the lyrics so it's hard for me to feel a connection to the song. It makes me anticipate the new album even more.

  2. Well… I have not been home for several days and so the scene remains pretty static save for the kitty crossing in front of the camera from time to time.

    I have added a time stamp to the bottom of the frame… look for that to update every 45 seconds.

    Yes, I am back in the lone star and it feels great. The elimination of state taxes alone puts almost three thousand dollars a month back in my pocket… needless le say it has been party time. All else is well… the new position at HP is treating me very well – not as much travel so far, but that is expected to change soon and it’ll be back to the road one or more weeks per month.

  3. You sound like a fascinating person, I however have no idea who you are. Is this like the online version of mystery guest? How many guesses do I have?

    Oh joy, I love games!