There is something magical about Mondays. It might be the energy of a week freshly started, it might be the cloudless sky after a weekend of rain (as we have had in New York most of the summer), it might be that clients are far more forgiving at the start of a week then at the end, but whatever it is Mondays seem to capture the best of the week.

Sure Fridays can be fun. TGIF and all that, but the TGIF shit is usually reserved for people who hate their jobs, or are stuck in the corporate rut, or pretend not to like their jobs around their friends. I actually like my job, most of the time, and find working pretty rewarding. There is of course the days that I feel like I could bat someone’s skull in with a really pointy brick, but those are just passing emotions. So Fridays can be a relief, because of the impending weekend.

I usually find Thursdays to be the worst of all days, because they are so close to the weekend, but still a day away. Thursdays are also the days when things need to get done. Deadline day. Clients like their material on Thursdays, so they have a day to look it over.

Wednesdays are pretty neutral. They are like the Switzerland of week days, not falling any which way. It is the day which reflects most on the type of personality you have… is the week have over, or half begun?

_That’s a deep philosophical lesson, that is._

What about Tuesdays? You’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.


2 responses to “Mondays”

  1. Auntie Ree Avatar
    Auntie Ree

    Tuesdays are by far my least favorite day – they just suck in general. Mondays you are pretty much prepared for and the return to work never seems as bad as one imagines it to be on Sunday night. Wednesdays=Switzerland, for sure. Fridays are good, but overrated. Thurdsays are my favorites for the same reasons that you dislike them. Cleaning up those details with the impending weekend looming before you. It's the anticipation of things completed and a restful few days of bliss that I like so much. – more than the actual rest and completion.

  2. The Switzerland of days, that's great.