The unfortunate part about a new computer is that, no matter how fast it is, there are always wrinkles to iron out. My new computer is no exception. Although it might be touted as the fastest computer in the world, it still deals with the occasional problems of…

bq. Um, what was that? I was going to… oh, you want to do that, well I was thinking… No? Okay then, lets do this instead.

And don’t get me started about getting my old e-mail over to a new system!? Apparently e-mails are completely unreadable from one system to another and requires plastic surgery to be at all legible… much like Meg Ryan. (have you seen her lately? She looks really weird.)

In essence what I’m saying is _I’m sorry._ I will write again I swear, but right now nothing is working quite right and posting is a little more difficult than usual. I will be back to usual soon, _I hope,_ but until then, please forgive my sporadic behavior.