Bars Stink

The ban on smoking here in New York City is great. I have fallen back in love with going out on a Friday nights to music venues and out for a quick drink during happy hour. Although I do understand the smokers of NY being upset at the loss of their smoking establishments, I really don’t give a shit.

_You got to call a spade a spade._

On Sunday Rob and I, afeared of our girlfriends hunger for vintage clothes, took off from Beacons Closet in Williamsburg to a local bar for a quick drink. A year ago this bar would have been thick with the smoke of people at the bar, this day it was filled with the rancid smell of stale beer, BO, and wafts of un-locatable urine scent. While smoking might have been a completely disgusting habit to be around, I find that the unpleasant aromas of some bars to be just as unpalatable.

The moral of this story? Bars stink.


3 responses to “Bars Stink”

  1. So does Beacon's Closet. And it also makes you itch.

  2. But my purse!!!.. My lovely $9.99 purse and my pregnant shirt!! I just need to make sure that I don't look so lovely in my pregnant shirt that I end up pregnant!

  3. Good god, don't get pregnant. Then you REALLY won't be able to enjoy bars and in my world – that would be a mess.