New Possibilities

You may have noticed slight issues with this website. You may have noticed the site was unavailable for weeks on end. You may have noticed panicked posts trying to use this weblog from yours truly.

Those days are (hopefully) now over.

I have switched servers, left behind my pathetically bad service ( and have moved to the very nice and reliable instead. I was tired of the excuses my hosting company made. I was tired of not getting responses to e-mails when I sent them… and mostly tired of having my website be accessible when it was convenient for to get it’s act together.

*But this brings up an issue.*

My old website address,, is unavailable right now, due to a slight problem with linux, and I feel that it is time to move my weblog to its own domain so that people, much like yourselves, can find it without having to stick it in a bookmark (By domain I mean Remember when I said that this weblog needed a change? Well now is the time. But which new fantastically original and easy to remember address should I use?

I researched a few names, but found all the good ones…


were all gone.

I thought briefly of using, but I could just imagine the problems in telling somebody to write that one down. It was too big, too cumbersome, and too specific. I want a site that can take on any persona I might throw onto it.

But thinking up more names proved to be much harder than I anticipated. Nothing seemed to be available. Two hours later I had four names and one stood out for being unique and original. This brand new website name was not only easy to remember, but also fun. It could be a new outlook on life. A new mantra… and ultimately could bring me wealth and opportunities beyond my wildest dreams… come on prosperity!

*So, what is this new website of which I speak?*

It’s not quite up and running yet, but I hope you guys check back tomorrow and tell me what you think in the coming days.

*Just try to forget the name, I dare you!*


2 responses to “New Possibilities”

  1. Will the new site actually remember my information???

    Hey, make sure I know when it's ok to update your url in my template so your link is current, k?

  2. Totally love the new name. I'm desperately trying to forget it and dammmit, but I just can't!