What You Asked For

You have to be careful. Your parents always told it to you when you had, in a moment of anger, wished them death. It was in those unfortunate years, when your emotions ran hot, your hair was big, and your music tastes were less than _unfortunate._

You learned that “Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it” was a phrase to be heeded. It never worked for us. It was always against us. No, it never worked with “I want a million dollars.”

*Trust me I tried it.*

_”Be careful what you wish for”_ was a pessimistic view to have of the world. Nothing good could ever come from those wishes. It is like rubbing a genie lamp and getting screwed by your choices. Usually it was said when we rashly said something that we might regret, if it were to come true… just in a far more passive aggressive phrasing.

The reason I bring it up is I wished for the weather to clear up, I wished for the rain to stop, and for the temperature to get up past 70 degrees.

It’s now 92 degrees, humid, and I’m sweating my balls off.

I’m sorry guys.

*I feel responsible.*

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2 responses to “What You Asked For”

  1. See, see what you started!

  2. Here in M-town, we never ask for clear weather in the summer. It's a veritable sauna down here. I asked the gods for rain on my birthday, so for one stinkin day in the summer I could drive to work and arrive without sweatstains. It was granted.

    But your point is well-noted. It's all about guilt. "Be careful what you wish for..", blah. I'm nine years old and I'll wish for my dad to be the driver of the ice cream truck until I'm at least 19. Actually, by 19 I was wishing other, less pristine, wishes.