Pitiful Bastard

I know it’s not particularly good taste to write about blogging. Apparently people find it distasteful, much like trimming your toenails at the dinner table, but I have been in a slump lately and you guys are my friends… right?

It comes down to to thinking about what terrific things I can jot down, thinking of something terrificly profound, and loosing all interest in typing it.

Take for instance a thought I had last month that I never shared…. Have you ever noticed how much “GlaxoSmithKline’s”:http://www.gsk.com/index.htm logo looks strangely familiar to the “National Pork Producers Council’s”:http://www.nppc.org/ logo.

My creative energy has been zapped. I haven’t been taking as many pictures as i used to. My entries have been far and few between, and I have a pimple on my neck that I swear is attached to my nervous system.

Something is up.

From now on I will post every day even if it means the post might not be where I want it to be and I will take a great picture every day… or at least one picture every day.

I will restart my creative impulses.

I will create powerful images that will inspire and inform…


Pizza stor sign from the interior


4 responses to “Pitiful Bastard”

  1. I have been feeling similarly, but forcing myself to post anyway. The result, unfortunately, is really sucky entries. I'm sure you'll think of something great tho.

  2. Damn, I really need to stop coming here.


  3. i admire your sticktoittiveness. on more than one occassion, i have tried to implement a blog every day no matter what policy. me = no willpower. fwiw, i really enjoy your pictures.

  4. thebird Avatar

    Holy shit! The logos are freaking me out! I'm not sure if I've found an adjective yet that describes how I feel about the similarities in those two logos.