Walking L.A.

There is this misconception that you can’t walk Los Angeles and I’m here to say that is total crap… It’s just something that Los Angelinos say to convince themselves that their asses belong in cars. LA has some of the coolest sidewalks this side of the Mississippi and a brisk walk down Beverly yields little shops much like soho.

And the hills (more like mountains) in the middle of the city!? How great is a hike on the way home from work? That is something I’m really going to miss back in NYC.

The more time I spend in LA, the more I realize that New York isn’t the only great city in the world. My New York centric view is starting to give way to a much more sensible view of the world.

My favorites so far:

* New York City
* Los Angeles
* Rome
* Boston
* Naples
* London

Anybody know any others I should know about? I’ve heard great things about Dallas.


8 responses to “Walking L.A.”

  1. Dallas!? If your gonna be walking around texas, I would prefer Austin or San Antonio. Geographically, Dallas is not pretty, no real hills or natural water (lakes or rivers). On the other hand, I think Dallas is very under rated when it comes to arts and culture (good music, good museums, an interesting attitude). It's no Paris, but coming from Detroit…

  2. 1. if forced to choose a texan city, i would choose houston over dallas every time.

    2. berlin is AMAZING.

  3. San Francisco and St. Petersburg (Russia) are my two most favorite cities to date.

  4. Griff's right. San Antonio has a beautiful boardwalk near the mall, with gondola rides and everything. It's very nice. And I'll take you on a nice walk in Portland. It's not going to rate, but you're gonna get the best walk with a local at your side:-)

  5. Check out this great book I just finished called "Wanderlust" by Rebecca Solnit. I will never walk the same way again. I just want to quit my job and take off across America.

  6. Elaine Avatar

    Three Words: SAN FRAN CISCO!

  7. I think my favorite city in the world is Venice…. but I was taken aback by Budapest. A six course dinner for 9 was like $35 US and the architecture there dates back to the dark ages.

  8. Montreal. It's all about Montreal.