Here Comes the Sun

The part of california I miss most is the sun. Cloudless days sitting outside eating burgers from one of Los Angeles’ 5.4 million burger establishments (“In & Out”: being the king of them all), or lounging in patio chairs reading “Naked”: and wondering if that girl by the pool should be out in the sun with so much saline on her chest, or just admiring the city’s streets from the window of our rented car.

*The sun was always out.*

Big, beautiful, and hot. This could cause a problem eventually, while in LA the valley hit temperatures of 106 degrees and it’s only spring. The thought of summer in LA makes my stomach turn, but I’m a pasty white boy from New York, I need all the sun I can get.

The moral of this story is basically, in New York it has been raining for 2 months. Everybody in New York is tired of the rain. It drains the life out of you, slowly destroying your self esteem. I need some sun damn it. Sun.

*Please stop the rain.*

Palm trees in LA


5 responses to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. You know, though, it’s pretty damn foggy over here. Seriously, you got here during possibly the best conditions.

  2. where i am, near dc, it has rained for 26 days straight, i believe. it's awful.

  3. I'm just waiting to see locusts, we already have plague (SARS).

    Then I'll start building my ark (and praying, that would be useful too).

  4. Kitschydi Avatar

    I am holding on to my base tan like my life depends on it. I look at my arms and simultaneously weep and giggle.

  5. Now see…. being from LA, I think a little rain now and then would be nice :)