I Need a Vacation

Is it just me, or has the world gone mad, or has someone forgotten to tell me that judgment day is coming? I have been completely disgusted with people lately. I’m not talking about a feeling I have been having about people, I mean people have become animals in this city and I need to get away from it.

Where do you go?

Where do you go when the “real” city fails so entirely to stay “real.” This weekend, wile paddling around the prospect park lake, I saw a group of 3 boys 13-16 trap and torture a gosling in prospect park. Why would you in your right mind torture a helpless animal? And a baby at that? Sunday while doing laundry, I saw a separate group of boys pounding a dead squirrel that had been run-over by a car with a traffic cone. Why? We were, later that day, doing a little spring cleaning and took our rugs outside to our front entry to air out and someone stole the cute fluffy one.

What the hell is happening?

People are animals, but 10 times worse, because animals don’t understand that they are doing anything wrong. For them it’s instinct. Why do people act like savages? Is it because they are really savages and it’s human instinct? If so, lock them all up and give them Alpo, because I am tired of breathing the same air and inhabiting the same planet with them. I don’t act like a savage. I have no problem leaving animals alone in the park. I want to practice understanding and believe that people are not inherently evil, but how do you deal with people who behave like children and children who behave like monsters?

Back to the point, where do you go?

When everything around you seems to be horrible, unreal, and ethically devoid were do you escape to? Well the complete opposite of New York City… Los Angeles and Las Vegas! Wednesday Diane and I will be flying to the west coast for two weeks to get away from this horrible place. Either we will find that California and Nevada are even worse and we will come back glad to be New Yorkers, or if not we wont come back.

So, while I’m gone, no parties, take care of your sister, and for god sakes New York…



2 responses to “I Need a Vacation”

  1. L.A.? Trust me, you will find no solace. However, instead of squirrels being punched — which I am still laughing at by the way — you will find unrelenting freeway traffic and clear sunglasses (I own a pair, but still).

    Nevada, bah!

  2. Heh. You are sick of people lately? I have been feeling this way since I've moved to New York…it is the Manhattan Curse, I tell you…now, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY I'M LATE FOR WORK! Ehh…just kidding….