One thing that always makes me feel a little sad is when I see a lost glove or mitten on the ground that somebody has dropped.

I think I should start a “website”: where people, who have lost gloves or mittens, can search online by location and glove style and be reunited with their handware. It would be really rewarding to know that a glove would have a home again, especially children’s mittens.

It would be like the 21st Century equivalent of a fence… You know when you find a lost glove, you pick it up and put it on a spike of the fence so the person who lost it would be able to come back and find it.

*I Maybe alone on that one.*


7 responses to “Gloves”

  1. You're absolutely right. I have a box of single mittens (I'm partial to mittens) that I just can't bring myself to throw away because I'm sure their mates are out there somewhere.

  2. Damn kids, leaving their trash everywhere. You should poke holes in it and post it on a big billboard that says, "See what happens when you litter!"

  3. What a good idea! You could do the same thing with shoes…and earrings….

    BTW, can I link to you on my blog?

  4. We need permission to link other blogs to our own blogs?! I had no idea. Ummm, Ben can I uhh re-link you to my blog? This time I'd have your permission. Or not. Whatever you want. But, you're already there so you may as well say yes.

  5. ooh ooh! and one for socks! i'm constantly loosing those suckers. maybe i should ask the cats…

  6. I usually ask people, you know, for common courtesy's sake. But now that I know the protocol, I'm just going to link away! Jane, I'm going to link you now, too. Is that okay? Wait a minute–Jane, I'm going to link to you now, whether you like it or not! Phhhpht!

  7. Ben, that is so funny and nice. What a sweetheart you are!