One thing that always makes me feel a little sad is when I see a lost glove or mitten on the ground that somebody has dropped.

I think I should start a “website”: where people, who have lost gloves or mittens, can search online by location and glove style and be reunited with their handware. It would be really rewarding to know that a glove would have a home again, especially children’s mittens.

It would be like the 21st Century equivalent of a fence… You know when you find a lost glove, you pick it up and put it on a spike of the fence so the person who lost it would be able to come back and find it.

*I Maybe alone on that one.*

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You're absolutely right. I have a box of single mittens (I'm partial to mittens) that I just can't bring myself to throw away because I'm sure their mates are out there somewhere.

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