Pert Plus

There once was a shampoo that had a conditioner built in. It was the perfect product for a person on the go. Someone who needed to wash their hair and not worry about leaving the conditioner to set in. It was my fathers brand of shampoo.

Pert has since decided, that having both shampoo and conditioner in one bottle wasn’t good enough, so now you can buy Pert Shampoo and Pert Conditioner as separate entities.


Why on earth would you split the two up? They were fine before, and they didn’t need to be tampered with. Who uses Pert shampoos and says…

“you know what? This ease of use of one bottle is just not working for me, I wish there was a way of making me spend more time and more money, using a shitty hair care product like Pert.”

It doesn’t make sense.

I wash my hair once
It does no good because they