Improving on Nature?

Is it a Bird? (yes)
Is it a Plane (well, not exactly)

Over the last few months, we at Fun Time Tree House, Inc., have been monitoring a cruel and dangerous eating activity that has it’s made its way up from the south to us northerners.


The basic gist of the turducken is this; you take a de-boned chicken and stick it into a de-boned duck, which is then inserted into a de-boned turkey. Between each layer of the carcass is stuffing (cajun and pork), which supplies you with additional pieces of more animals. The massacre is then inserted into an oven and cooked for 15 hours in hopes of killing the micro bacteria that have been uncovered.

And the Jews are afraid to eat pork?!

At the end of the stuffing and cooking ordeal, you are left with a mass grave of four distinct animals, which I wager had never seen each other in their past lives, let alone be packed inside one another. It’s a bioengineering orgy of flavor and texture that produces one hell of a main course.

Its America people, the land of invention and innovation. We are lucky enough to be around to see it.

Can you please pass the thighbrestwing?


3 responses to “Improving on Nature?”

  1. so in my not-so-precise, but super quick read I thought you wrote Turddemon (which is quite different from Turcducken, but since I saw these funny little dolls the other day they were still on my mind: http://www.cutxpaste.com

  2. wow…and then i even misspelled it…turducken

  3. Funtime Ben Avatar
    Funtime Ben

    I love the Turddemons. All of them are, unfortunately, sold out. I will have to make my own.