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Bonsai Contracts

Bonsai provides freelance work contract templates for creative freelancers like designers and developers. Sounds pretty cool, will give it a try on our next project for sure.


Screenings is a new site that collects presentations and talks on design. A great resource for anyone needing a mid-day kick in the ass to do more.

IM Creator XPS

IM Creator’s XPS looks to be an interesting visual website design tool akin to Squarespace‘s visual editor. I have only used Squarespace on a handful of website and the biggest drawback is their monthly billing over buying the software outright. XPS seems to be more affordable for developers and has a great free option for students and non-corporate work. Personally I’m getting sick and tired of all this website building with code and long for the future when the tools will be more akin to InDesign than the movie Hackers.

Futuramo Icons

Who Doesn’t like free icons? Well Futuramo is a collection of a free and paid set to bury you in great little icons.

Massimo and Lella Vignelli Talk Design

One of my favorite graphic design teams Massimo and Lella Vignelli talk about creativity, design, and social responsibility. One of my favorite things about Massimo is that he only uses around 5 typefaces – that’s it. The typefaces of his entire career can be summed up with the same precision as his work.