A Month of Working Out

Last month I tried something called Sober February to see how it made me feel to cut out alcohol and meat. At the end of the shortest month, I admitted that it really didn’t make me feel any better health-wise. Sure I felt a bit lighter, but it didn’t make a huge impact on my wellbeing. I still had aches and pains. Still felt gross sometimes.

This is normal right?

It was then I said “I think I might make April the day I go to the gym every day and see how that affects my health”.

April is here and I have decided to make it The Month of Gym. Every day I will exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, but I plan to work out more than that most days. During this time I’m going to be measuring my weight and see if I feel better with some old-fashioned physical labor. I’ll keep an updated page with all my stats and how I’m doing with it — if you want pictures of my guns that’ll cost extra!

I’m hoping that after the month it will have become a habit and I will continue to go to the gym after my challenge is over.

Any words of encouragement would most defiantly be appreciated.


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