TUTT: Josiah’s Big Vacation Pt.1

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Back into the saddle our lovely and devoted listeners. It’s a return to form with everyone’s favorite co-host Josiah. It starts off a bit wobbly, but quickly reverts back into the mindless banter you have come to know and love.

Although I must wan you this is half of a very long recording and just this little segment is over an hour long.

Played on the Show

  1. Cowbell by Tapes ‘N Tapes
  2. A.M. Slow Golden Hit by Hotel Lights
  3. Don’t call me Witney Bobby by Islands
  4. Sea Green, See Blue by Jaymay
  5. Saviorself by Jedi Mind Tricks
  6. The History of French Cuisine by Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey
  7. Hoodie by Lady Sovereign
  8. un-deux by Serena Maneesh
  9. Nowhere Again by The Secret Machines

Mentioned In the Cast

  • Notes to come


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