I wish I was still on Vacation

This week has been way too much for me. All the projects in 2004 have gone critical in 2005. Everything went terribly wrong while I was away on my lazy week vacation and now god is making me pay.

*Seems like I never had a vacation to begin with.*

Then, to compound things, Funtime Diane gets sicker than a dog and is bed ridden and needs me to prepare foods, prop her up, open boxes of tissues, and bring washcloths… you name it. It’s a mess and all the while in the back of my mind I know I’m going to get sick. It’s there as a small ache in my back the hint that the moment I get some down time my body is going to fall apart.

It’s at this moment that I try to arrange a get together with Josiah to record show 11… well that’s been moved to Sunday, because his sister is in town and plus I’m kind of wiped out from work and care-taking. When it’s bad it’s very bad.

The good news is Josiah and I have set aside some quality time to record some shows. We should be making up to lost time and PodCasting far more regularly. Again I’m sorry there’s no show this week… which brings us to a grand total of 3 empty weeks! My PR people are going to freak out.

I would also like to apologize for anyone who hasn’t received an e-mail back from me in the last two weeks… I’m very far behind. I’m catching up and hope to respond to everybody.


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